Rockshow 2014 Rockshow 2014

Rules of Participation


The event is organized by Oberalp AG, headquartered in Bolzano, Waltraud Gebert-Deeg-Straße 4, on behalf of SALEWA.

Celebrating its 6th anniversary, the SALEWA Rock Show is a climbing event for all climbing enthusiasts.

This event is aimed at both female and male climbers from the following nations: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland and South Korea.

If you want to participate, you can sign up online for free at / rockshow . To ensure participation, an application form must be completed.

The SALEWA Rock Show Runs is divided into three levels:
1. Rock Calling
2. Online Voting
3. Rock Show SALEWA Camp

Level 1: Rock Calling
Every nation organizes events for registered climbers to participate and obtain one of the coveted spots at the SALEWA Camp Rockshow (over 16).

The participants of each calling are divided into the following categories:
- Over 16: all participants who are at least 16 years old
- Rookies: participants under 16 years of age

The first ranked "over 16" (male /female) participants of each Rock Calling who have been selected by the technical jury receive SALEWA prizes making them eligible to participate in the online voting in order to secure one of the free spots at the SALEWA Camp.

The first ranked from the "Rookies" category who have been selected by the technical jury receive SALEWA prizes.

The technical jury is composed of SALEWA sponsored athletes, employees of the marketing team and /or partners of the event.

Below is a list containing dates of organized rock callings for each country.
03/22/2014 Sondrio Italy
04/03/2014 St. Gallen Switzerland
04/05/2014 Borgo San Dalmazzo Italy
04/12/2014 Ville la Grand France
04/12/2014 Saalfelden Austria
04/26/2014 Trento Italy (on 05/03/2014 in case of bad weather)
04/26/2014 Chamonix France
04/26/2014 Munich, Thalkirchen Germany
04/26/2014 Seoul South Korea
05/10/2014 Saxon Switzerland
05/16/2014 Vienna Austria
05/17/2014 Rome Italy
05/17/2014 Prague Czech Republic
05/18/2014 Paris France
05/31/2014 Verres Italy
05/31/2014 Busan South Korea
03/29/2014 Bratislava Slovakia

Level 2: Online Voting
Online voting begins after the last Rock Calling and ends on 30 June (See Terms & Conditions at bottom of page)

The selected participants of each nation ( 1 male/ 1 female) who have emerged winners from the respective Rock Callings participate in online voting using the platform at: / rockshow Their goal is to rally their own community to vote for them to obtain the most votes.

Each registered user can vote only one time for each participant (male or female). Among all registered users who have voted at least once, winners will be selected who will receive a SALEWA prize.
Korea is not taking part at the voting.

Level 3: Rock Show SALEWA Camp
The SALEWA Camp takes place in Magic Wood, Switzerland, Commune of Ferrera from Friday July 18, 2014 through Sunday July 20, 2014.The cost of food and accommodation (three days, two nights, all inclusive) will be assumed by the organizer. In the event of inclement weather or force majeure, time and location can be changed.

Among the novelties in this edition of the SALEWA Rock Show are the national reporters. Every nation has the opportunity to select its own reporter. The individual selected will document the event with videos, writings and through social networks. After the callings, a jury of experts will decide which national reporter may participate in the international SALEWA camp.
Simply drop in to a Calling in your area and then email us your story and photo about the event along with a short statement about your motivation to do this to Wow us to win and to come to the community gathering in July at one of the best bouldering areas in all of Europe.

Prize Draw Terms and Conditions

Announced by:
Oberalp S.p.A. with registered offices in 39100 Bolzano, Via Waltraud Gebert Deeg, 4, Tax Code 00122250210, in compliance with the regulations indicated in the following articles.

Name of the event
“Salewa Rock Show”

Type of prize event
Prize draw

Period of validity
12–30 June 2014

Adult (over 16) users resident in Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, France – visitors to

All those who access the site and register to vote the athletes seen in a special photo gallery, comprising a male and a female section, may participate in this draw for the period of its validity.
Users may register only once and express one preference each for a male and a female athlete.
Registrations and subsequent voting may be made within 24 hours of 30 June 2014. Any votes cast after that date will not be accepted and are therefore excluded from the draw.
Registration by automatic robots or other manipulators is not allowed.
Votes cast by the same person, even if with different emails, will be void. Any attempt to defraud and any incorrect or false statement implies the disqualification of the winner.
The Promoter reserves the right to bring legal proceedings against any competitor failing to comply with terms and conditions by putting in place fraudulent conduct or attempted fraud.
For this purpose the sponsoring company will verify the validity of the email provided, with which registration or voting are performed, and images sent or votes cast with false references.
No temporary mail services may be used to register such as,,,,,,,,,,, and other similar services that do not guarantee creation of an email account with a minimum validity of 30 days.
Registrations and votes made through such systems will not be considered valid and will therefore be eliminated.
Four winners will be drawn from registered users; see Article 7 for details.
The two athletes, one from the male and one from the female sections, who have received most votes by the end of this event will have access to the SALEWA Camp to be held on 18–20 July 2014, in the Magic Wood, Switzerland.

Final draw
All users who registered correctly and promptly, and have voted in a compliant manner, expressing at least one preference, will participate in the final draw for four prizes, better identified in the article that follows.
The four winners, following verification of the validity of their participation, and consequently of the draw, will receive the prize directly at the address provided during registration.
At the time of the aforementioned draw, the official ranking of two winning athletes who received most votes (one male and one female) will be announced, as well as six reserves (three men and three women).
In this case winners will be informed by email or telephone (at the address or telephone number indicated during registration). If the email sent to the winner bounces back, the notification will be sent again, by registered letter with return receipt.

The winner will be invited to accept the prize by replying by registered letter with return receipt, no later than 48 hours from being notified of the win, indicating personal details, address, telephone number, with a copy of an identity document:

Concorso “Salewa Rock Show”
Oberalp SPA
Via Waltraud-Gebert-Deeg 4 – 39100 Bolzano

In the event of failure to send the aforementioned acceptance within 48 hours, the participation will not be considered valid and the winner will lose the right to receive the prize. In this case, the first reserve winner will be contacted, and so on.

Type and value of prize
All users who registered correctly and expressed their vote will participate in the draw for the following prizes:

- First drawn: one HOTSPOT backpack worth €89.95 (exc. VAT);
- Second drawn: one BOULDERBAG ROCKEY worth €37.95 (exc. VAT);
- Third drawn: one Alpine Tuber worth €24.95 (exc. VAT);
- Fourth drawn: one Liquid Chalk 200 ml worth €19.95 (exc. VAT).

The prize cannot be transferred, exchanged for other goods of the same value, or for cash or gold tokens.

Delivery of prizes
The four voting users will receive their prizes within 180 days of the date of the announcement, delivered to the address indicated by them.
The prizes to the two most-voted athletes will be delivered by 10 July 2014.

Standard regulations
Participation in the draw implies the user’s total and unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions herein, without limitation, and acceptance of policy for the execution of the competition.
Participation in the contest is free and participants are expected to pay only normal internet connection rates, which depend on the configuration of the computer and the provider agreement signed by each individual user.
The data stored by the application are stored on a server located on Italian territory as indicated in the specific declaration that is an integral part of these terms and conditions.

Personal data
SALEWA (Oberalp S.p.A) will use the personal data for the purposes of the execution of the draw and, where authorized, to send information and promotions, including of a commercial nature, in the SALEWA newsletter, in accordance with Art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003.